Three executive chefs working in the same kitchen for a wine dinner at Viu restaurant St Regis Bangkok

3 Executive Chef in one time !!! Today I had the pleasure and the big luck to see three executive chefs
working in the same kitchen for a wine dinner at Viu restaurant St Regis Bangkok.. and I have to say that it was a great experience

Open kitchen, exceptional dishes and great atmosphere …… ..fantastic.

Dishes to highlight are definitely the Foie gras and the mango dessert created by Chef Bastian.

Foie gras dish had a good combination of flavours linked to a perfect material of considerable thickness.

Mango is a Thai fruit that if tied up to a little spicy mouse can lead to a new appearance of the Thai sweets in western version. A perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Here we find a small description of the chefs who were in the kitchen:

Executive Chef Daniel Nuss from St Regis Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi:

Chef Nuss leads a team of over 120 chefs where farm-fresh ingredients, cooking techniques with simple and refined presentation and focus on taste take precedence

Executive Chef Bastian Mantey from St Regis Bangkok:

Chef Mantey joins the St. Regis Bangkok with the promise of introducing his unique brand of Michelin –inspired creativity to epicurean enthusiasts in the city.

Executive Chef Gunnar Mueller from St Regis Osaka:

Chef Gunnar during 20 years of his experienced career, he has show his leadership, not only in restaurants, but banquet functions with more 1000 guest of our group hotels in Korea and China.

Last note about the chef Carlo Valenziano who, before the dinner, explained to me the concept of this event by making me taste a dish with scallop and a mandarin gel which makes you literally FALL DOWN FROM THE CHAIR!

Thanks again for the great evening and see you soon.