As always I could not miss the chance to try the tasting menu of the Chef Carme Ruscalleda of Sant Pol de Mar

Chef Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant, Sant Pol de Mar, is difficult to book during the week and nearly impossible over the weekend, but with luck I managed to find a seat in one of the most valued restaurants throughout Spain.

Products of rare beauty and a technique that push the molecular style out of the kitchen, give a pure genuine flavor to all the dishes presented. Attentions to detail and love for their own job make me understand why this restaurant has 3 Michelin stars.

Very interesting is the history the singer and poet Joaquin Sabina. His life get to be reflected in the dish. In fact, it is not by casualty that we find strong flavors and firm hand with aromas of coffee and fresh salad in the plate

Another interesting matter is the Dragon which is presented at the table as as petit fours together with the espresso coffee. As part of the tradition of Sant Pol de Mar, the dragon is presented in seven different tastes that together cause an explosion of traditional in the mouth.

Like all high-end restaurants, I will keep in mind the importance of raw materials and vitality that along with the tenacity of the Chef Carmen Ruscalleda make this place one of the most beautiful pages of the chef’s professional life.


Here we find the menu with the explanation of the dishes:

T A S T I N G  M E N U

Transparent cannellonis

products from the sea & vegetable gardens of the Maresme

Coca Joaquín Sabina

contrasting flavours in honor of his work

Cod Croquetes

Conté, olives, parsley, quinoa

Winter’s Spring

peas 2015, tecno sausage

Miso & foie cubes

champignons, vegetables, umeboshi, lemon

King prawn and artichoke

baked king prawn, textured artichoke

“Gambes” on Sailor’s Toast

tribute to the local sailors’ cuisine

Monkfish, espigalls

cabbage. citrus, coriander, lemon gras

Deer loin

medium rare, apple, almond, Sechuan

Cheese for March – “Nr. 39 Second Series”

Cheese Llanut, 3 combinations with pear, carquinyoli and rosemary

Aromas de Montserrat, lemon thyme

Chestnuts & marula, orange, chocolate, black pepper

The Dragon

White chocolate

Black chocolate

Puff pastry, angel hair, pine nuts

Chocolate cookies

Spiced cookies

Licorice & sherbet philo

Mint brick