In life there are opportunities which should be taken without thinking. This is a bit what happened to me when my bosses asked me if I was available to go for a training kitchen to the restaurant of the very famous Chef Carme Ruscalleda (3 Michelin star).

Without thinking I reacted in an impulse and I headed myself to a reality where we cook at zero distance. The “zero distance” concept refers to the situation where the fish products are fished, collected and processed in the same area where the restaurant is located.

As the corporate chef Jérôme says:

Here, we have no powder but only the finest ingredients and passion for products

And that is THE secret.

Surely the matter is not so easy; However, after a few days, I finally could understand why since more than 25 years in Sant Pol de Mar there is a restaurant with three stars Michelin..

Quality, passion and love for the earth give birth to a cuisine without molecular techniques but with a taste that is difficult to re-create in a different reality.

Here you will find pictures of everyday life where the ingredients and the staff are just the frame around a tradition that has lasted for more than thirty years

A special thank surely goes to Chef Carme Ruscalleda and Jérôme Quilbeuf for attention to detail and the extraordinary hospitality they have given me