Narisawa Restaurant, N. 20 in the list of "The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013"

Yesterday was my last night in Tokyo; in other words it was the end of my culinary trip in this city. Therefore I decided to round off with an extraordinary dining experience. Les Creations De Narisawa

Narisawa Restaurant, N. 20 in the list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013” and winner of the “Sustainable Restaurant Award 2013 sponsored by Zacapa”, got only 42 seats available for those who look for an extremely fascinating and unpredictable dinner. With the benefit of hindsight I must say that this dinner has been one of the best of the last few years.

Chef Egidio & Chef Narisawa

Chef Egidio & Chef Narisawa

Chef Narisawa left me completely speechless about both the presentation of his dishes and the ideas he used…just incredible!

The menu is based on a winter season inspiration. Highlights are for example the bread (chestnut and lime flavor) which is naturally fermented and gets to your table still uncooked. once at the table, the bread needs to rest for about 12 minutes. Afterwards the staff put it inside a hot stone pot where,because of the heat, the bread finishes cooking and end his natural leavening.

Also need to mention the Okinawa Snake Soup or the Squid and his very special dressing. in fact, the squid is seasoned with paprika and the dressing is made of squid ink and Olive oil. once the dish is served, the dressing comes aside in a container with liquid nitrogen that makes the dressing “frozen”.

Tons of notes to take like I was in school again(but in a very special one) and innovative ideas to re-elaborate differently later on. Like the 3 colored butter with a green layer (made by the chlorophyll powder) and a black one (made by the blck olives powder), or the carbonized Hide M5 Kobe Beef tenderloin “wrapped” with leek ash and served with Japanese spinach, which are totally different from the European ones as their roots (which is the part that you eat) are sweeter than the leaves.

narisawaThese are only example..There was much much more.. Everything just outstanding. I suggest to anyone who drops by Tokyo to go and visit this extremely humble Chef who creates simply superlative dishes. Nowadays there are only few like him able to give you this kind of experiences and emotions.


I want to thank one more time the whole restaurant staff who took care of me and made feel at ease and comfortable all night.

For the Italian guests specifically, I must remark that Chef Narisawa speaks perfectly Italian..what else do you need?!

See you next time!