At the Il Calandrino Restaurant, the Alajmo Family Bistrot with Chef Massimiliano Alajmo

During my staying in Italy in December I decided to try the Alajo Family cuisine. I have to thank Matteo and Cristina, who were my fellow travellers in this December evening at the Calandrino. ”Il Calandrino” is the bistrot versiono …

”Il Calandrino” is the bistrot versiono of the Michelin Star Restaurant “Le Calandre”, where Chef Massimiliano Alajmo presents more easy way and less complicated dishes and where the customer still can find the quality but on a more convenient price.
The restaurant is very cosy and the floor staff pampers you each course, and the kitchen follows the clientele with skills and professionalism.

Honestly I was expecting something more in terms of quality but I have to say that the price was definitely affordable and reasonable.

“I want to thank Chef Alajmo for the gracious welcome and I promise that I will come back with a different mind..”
– Egidio Latorraca


Il Calandrino Restaurant

A suggestion to all professionals is to buy the new Alajmo Bothers’ cookbook called “Fluidità”. Somehow it does not exceed the level of the previous one “Ingredienti” but it offers great ideas for those who want to make quality a motto in the kitchen.