Chef Oriol Castro of Dis Fru Tar Restaurant offers a cuisine that reminds Ferran Adria and the molecular style, with strong shades that reflect the Barcelona of today.

Open from just two months Dis Fru Tar has what you do not expect from all points of view!

Chef Oriol Castro offers a cuisine that reminds Ferran Adria and the molecular style, with strong shades that reflect the Barcelona of today.

Starting from the principle of a modern cuisine with cutting-edge techniques, Chef Castro switches to the tradition without forgetting that the customer always expects something new again and again. This is a difficult mission for those who are always chasing and reinventing a cuisine that actually does not have anything new.

Following in the footsteps that Chef Adria has transmitted over the years, Chef Castro with the passion, devotion and humility, keeps pursuing a difficult project to evolve.

The restaurant is very basic and recalls the origins of a country that wakes up and looks at the world from different angles.

As for example would look an olive but then when tasted, we realize that in reality is made of butter cocoa and olive oil whey.

Or even the peppers that at first glance seem to be something, but then taste another … like colored jellies and chocolate filling with oil and fleur de sel which leave a mess in your mind.

Great intrigues that mix flavors, techniques and presentations in a concept of perfection in confusion. All these surprises make Dis Fru Tar one of the most beautiful news in town.

One thing I will definitely keep in my heart is the hospitality I have received in all the restaurants I’ve been in Spain.

As usual I attach the menu with the description of the dishes.


Dis Fru Tar Degustation menu

Melon Caipirinha

The beet that goes out of land

Crispy bow with cured Iberian bacon

Caramel-coated hazelnut with elderberry

Tomato polvoron and Arbequina

Caviaroli Transparent pesto ravioli

Disfruta de la aceituna

Smoked Idiazabal cheese biscuit with apple

Crispy egg yolk with mushroom gelatin

Seafood and avocado merengue sandwich

Anchovies and almond mato with truffle, fir tree honey and pine nuts

Marinated oily fish with cauliflower tabbouleh nd mashrooms

Our macaroni carbonara

Vegetable sashimi

Scallop marrow with Ossetra caviar

Mussels with peas in Salsa Verde

Cockles with truffle cream

Red mullet with pork jowls and aubergine gnocchi

Dich of the day

Perigueux beef

The tangerine

Cheesecake cornet

Catalan cream bread with blood orange cous cous

Chocolate peppers, oil and salt

Coffee profiterole